About WFStats


  • Discord WFbot creator
  • WFStats creator
  • WFCompare maintainer

WFStats was born as a simple and more complete alternative to WFbot which already has all the features implemented in this site except the higher usability and versatility.
This site allows you to see statistics in a more clean form with graphs and even more data available on WFbot at the current time.

In the future there could be further development that can bring even more features to WFStats. And as always, suggestions and ideas are highly appreciated.

Notice: My.Games disabled the game API so this website cannot fetch player, clan nor crownchallenge data anymore.
All services will be shutdown by August 2024


Webtool that allows you to player statistics, clans, achievements.


Webtool that allows you to compare weapons in detail.


Discord bot made for Warface Community discord servers.